In 1966 the Comotti Manutenzioni Meccaniche presents us between the protagonist of technology evolution in the manufacturing of inert, particularly in the aggregated quarries.  The fonder, Mr. Carlo Comotti, was the great responsibility of aggregated quarries. He built the first crushing mill, and he patented the shared  pyramid trunk, then the rotor regulation  (patent n. 896424). Today, the son take the same characteristics but choose technical news.
In the 90’, Mr. Gianpietro Comotti gave a new air at the crushing series , he re-design and create the new machine for transport, grinding and screening of the minerals. In this way he entry in the national and international market, thanks at his reliability, his innovation and his organizational abilities.
The potential and the availability put to disposition for the  customers, together with the desire to offer a wider range of products and selected to adequately respond to every request, are the conditions that led to the development of company about the design and the technology. This growth was realized with the insertion in new markets where you work different materials.